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Covid-19 Updates

MOH Approved Class B ART Provider

Simply Health Hub has been approved by the Ministry of Health (MOH) as a Class B Antigen Rapid Test (ART) Provider offsite as at 29 August 2021. For corporate enquiries, contact us at


Our partner clinic, Wee HealthFirst Medical Clinic, has also been approved by MOH as an onsite ART/PCR Provider as at 21 July 2021, and a Swab-And-Send-Home (SASH) clinic.




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Corporate Nutritional Screenings

Established in 1991 to strengthen the surveillance of micronutrient deficiencies worldwide, the Vitamin and Mineral Nutrition Information System (VMNIS) utilises the collection of data on vitamin and mineral statuses of populations to provide resources that help eliminate major nutritional deficiencies in communities.

This is crucial work as when the body receives sufficient vitamin and mineral nutrients, it helps with the prevention of diseases, stimulates growth, and ultimately leads to good health and a better quality of life.

Malnutrition in turn, causes many major diseases like mental impairment and central nervous system defects in young children, negatively affecting public health and the country's economy.

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Latest Activities

Flu Vaccinations at DHL

We partnered with Bethesda Medical Centre to conduct flu vaccinations for the staff at DHL LogisPark on 28 October 2022. 





Corporate Fitness Classes

Our Sports & Fitness Classes have been ongoing with our corporate clients since January 2020, and the sessions have been conducted at physical locations, virtual settings, as well as hybrid setups, catering to the varying needs of our clients, the program nature, and the convenience of the participants. Our class catalogue widely spans across low intensity programs that promotes meditation and flexibility, to highly intensive cardio workouts for muscle training and building. 


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