About Us

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About Us

The Vision & Mission

Simply Health Hub (SHH) is a healthcare marketplace that started out with a simple goal: To advocate for healthier living.

We provide as a comprehensive and accessible hub for all healthcare and medical related products and services, so as to meet multiple and holistic aspects of the community's well-being and healthcare needs.

A one-stop solution provider.

Simply Health Hub was converted to Simply Health Hub LLP with effect from 24 February 2021. Simply Health Hub LLP is a GST registered business with effect from 15 March 2021 with GST Registration number M90373829R.

Our Clients & Partners

We work hand in hand with our trusted clients and partners to provide genuine, trustworthy and reliable services to our corporate clients and the public. 

  • The Public Utilities Board (PUB) & Recreation Club (PUBRC)
  • Alliance Medinet Pte Ltd
  • Bethesda Medical Centre
  • Wee HealthFirst Medical Clinic
  • Etern Medical Clinic
  • SATA CommHealth
  • Intemedical Clinic Singapore
  • The Integrative Medical Centre by The Iron Suites
  • Haoma Medical Clinic
  • The Foot Practice Podiatry Clinic
  • Mary Chia Holdings
  • Bunker Holding Group
  • CLPS Technology
  • Synergy Financial Advisors
  • CommonFolks and Bar
  • Sports & Fitness Trainers

As a wellness manager and healthcare companion, we engage with medical institutions, charity organisations, corporates, and individuals to provide quality service to our valued clients in areas like Corporate Health Screenings, Chronic Disease Management Programmes, Weight Management Programmes, as well as Nutritional and Wellness Talks.


As part of our Covid-19 efforts, we have also undertaken projects that support Vaccination Centres, Mobile and Home Vaccination Teams, Community Care and Lodge Facilities, and the Sinovac and Sinopharm Vaccinations. 


We subscribe to building respectful and long-term relationships with our clients and partners, as well as creating promising opportunities in the advocation for health.