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Alchemy Fibre
Alchemy Fibre for Rice (250g)


Alchemy Fibre for Rice is a patented, plant-based fibre blend that is made specifically to be used with rice. It makes white rice healthier for consumption without changing the taste and texture.


When added to white rice, Alchemy Fibre for Rice helps to:

- Lower GI (glycermic index) of white rice to the same range as brown rice

- Increase dietary fibre with 10x more fibre than white rice

- Increase intake of prebiotics which support the body in maintaining a healthy digestive system


Alchemy Fibre for Rice is great for anyone who wishes to have a healthier diet without making drastic changes to your appetite or food preparation.

- Safe for children to consume

- Suitable for diabetic patients

- Halal ceritfied


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*Delivery available only in mainland Singapore

*Refer to image for instructions on How To Cook