HIIT-Us-Up Challenge 2020

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HIIT-Us-Up Challenge 2020

The Simply Health Hub (SHH) HIIT-Us-Up Challenge 2020 is a social media initiative to encourage everyone to take their first step into fitness and stand for the notion that health belongs to everyone, even in the midst of a stay-home and busy schedule.



It is a weekly social media challenge where you will do one simple and beneficial exercise as demonstrated by an SHH trainer, and then gather your family friends to do so too!



1. Follow @simplyhealthhub on Instagram and/or Facebook

2. Post a video of yourself doing the challenge on your feed or story

3. Tag @simplyhealthhub and hashtag #shhchallenge2020

4. Share this with at least 3 other friends



Anyone and everyone! If you have any medical condition, consult your doctor before taking part in the exercise.



Anywhere you want to be! From the park, to your living room, and even the office. As long as it is a safe space where you can move about freely.



On Simply Health Hub (SHH) Instagram and Facebook starting from 12th November 2020!



This is an initiative to encourage everyone to take the first step into fitness, supporting the campaign that health belongs to everyone.



- Pack of 3 ply surgical masks (20 pieces)

- CommonFolks healthy meal* (1 vacuumed pack meal from a choice of 4 menus: chicken, dory, quinoa and egg)

- CommonFolks Bike beverage* (1 bottle from a choice of 4 flavours)

- Slender FX energy bars (2 bars)

- Isotonix digestive enzymes (2 satchets)


*CommonFolks food and beverages are not halal certified (contains no pork and lard)


Terms and Conditions:


- By taking part in this HIIT-Us-Up Challenge, participants agree that Simply Health Hub will not be liable for any injuries, mishaps and/or incidents incurred during and after the course of this activity.

- By taking part in this HIIT-Us-Up Challenge, participants allow Simply Health Hub to use their name, photo, video and audio for publicity and marketing purposes related to this activity.


- There will be 6 rounds of the weekly lucky draw for each of the 6 episodes in this HIIT-Us-Up Challenge 2020

- All participants are automatically eligible for all lucky draws, regardless whether one has been a lucky winner in the previous week

- Lucky draw winners will be notified at the end of each week by Instagram or Facebook direct message to fill up a Google Form, indicating the giveaway they wish to claim

- For any changes to the information submitted on the Google Form, please contact the SHH Service Number at 9728 8393 (will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis)

- All giveaway prizes are to be claimed within 2 weeks from the date participants are notified as lucky winners

- All giveaway prizes are not for re-sale or one-to-one exchanges. They also cannot be exchanged for cash and other monetary forms

- All giveaway prizes will be delivered to the specified address (mainland Singapore only) within 2 weeks upon submission of the Google Form

- Delivery charges (mainland Singapore only) for all giveaway prizes will be waived



1. What if I am shy or embarrassed to video myself?

- If you are feeling shy or embarrassed to video yourself, why not pull a friend or a family member to join you? All participants in the video will be eligible for the lucky draw.

- Or you can also consider making a time lapse video of yourself doing the workout.

- You may upload a snippet preview (approx 5 seconds) of your video instead of the full 40 seconds workout.

- You may also wish to video yourself from a distance with a lower resolution should you feel shy.


2. Do I need to upload my video as a social media post?

- If you do not wish to post the video to your Instagram feed or Facebook wall, you may post the video on Instagram and Facebook Stories instead.

- However, do ensure that you tag @simplyhealthhub along with 3 other friends.


3. Can I email Simply Health Hub my video instead?

- This option is not recommended as the purpose of this social media initiative is to spread the message that health belongs to everyone.


4. Do I have to wear proper sports attire to take part in this challenge?

- No, you do not. As long as you are wearing comfortable clothes and footwear (optional) that allows you to carry out the exercise freely and safely, you may even do the challenge in your pyjamas!

- However, nudity and obscene appearances are strictly prohibited.



EP06: Mountain Climbers (till 23rd Dec 20)

EP05: Skaters (till 16th Dec 20)

EP04: Push Ups (till 9th Dec 20)

EP03: Prayer Crunches (till 2nd Dec 20)

EP02: Russian Twists (till 25th Nov 20)

EP01: Jumping Jacks (till 18th Nov 20)


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