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Resistive Band - Medium (Green)

The resistive band is a piece of elastic fitness equipment often used for resistance training exercises that are integral in areas such as physiotherapy, rehabilitation, sports training, Yoga, Pilates and even Bbarreless.

It can be used for a diverse range of purposes for the upper and lower body, or for cardio workouts, muscle building and toning routines, as well as body strengthening exercises.

GREEN - Medium 0.25mm thick
Suitable for the general masses

Working with this piece of rubber can be fun and versatile at the same time as you explore the different ways you can incorporate elasticity into your fitness routines while sweating out those calories.

Note: This product should be used in accordance to the specific instructions and/or under the guidance of a trained professional or physiotherapist. It is highly advised to consult your therapist or doctor if you are having any physical or health conditions prior to use.

Caution: This product is made with natural latex and can cause an allergic reaction. Do not use this product if you are allergic to or develop an allergy to natural latex. Keep out of reach of children.