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Hatha Yoga 4-Week Online Fitness Class

Hatha Yoga is a type of yoga that focuses on physical poses, breathing techniques and meditation to achieve better health and spirituality. It is a path towards creating balance that helps to develop strength and flexibility.


Class Requirements:

- Comfortable sports attire

- A yoga mat

- A pair of yoga blocks, or alternatively, cushions or thick books

- A yoga strap, or alternatively, a long towel or belt

- A medium sized towel for cushioning the knees and/or ankles

- This is a barefoot program, hence shoes are not required

- A working web camera on your phone/tablet/laptop for security, safety and engagement purposes


Class Details:

- Each session is approximately 1 hour long

- The classes will be conducted in English on Zoom at Singapore Time GMT+8

- This 4-Week Class Package is valid for 4 classes only (once per week)

- The minimum number of participants needed to start the class is 5 pax

- This class is suitable for first-time beginners and intermediate participants


*Refer below "Other Info" for terms and conditions



Notify me when avaliable



- If a participant is unable to attend any of the sessions in this 4-Week Class Package, one should inform SHH Service at least 1.5 hours before the class start time. Otherwise, the fee for that particular session will be deducted accordingly. There will be no refund, and make up classes will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis depending on total class signups.

- Should any participant wish to transfer their purchase of the 4-Week Class Package to a family member or friend, please notify the SHH Service Number at 9728 8393.

- Simply Health Hub reserves the right to change the trainer at their own discretion, as well as postpone the class at 1.5 hours advanced notice.



- By purchasing this 4-Week Class Package, all participants consent to provide any personal information for record and communication purposes, and that they are all true and accurate.

- By taking part in this 4-Week Class Package, all participants consent to have their names, photos and voices recorded, photographed and/or videoed during the course of the SHH Online Fitness Classes for promotional and publicity purposes.

- Participants may not take any photographs, video and audio recordings of the SHH Online Fitness Classes that are not for personal and publicity purposes.

- By taking part in this 4-Week Class Package, all participants agree to indemnify Simply Health Hub and its trainers, staff, representatives of any claims in the event of any injury, mishap or accident occurred to the participants during the course of the SHH Online Fitness Classes attended.

- This 4-Week Class Package is not for re-sale or one-to-one exchanges.